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Candy Garmon

Licensed Agent


Candy Garmon-

Silver Roads Insurance Owner and Licensed Agent

“Working to Educate and Empower You in Your Health Care Decisions”

Candy Garmon has been working in the Insurance industry consistently since she was licensed in 2017; she started her current career working with life insurance and annuities, then moved to working captive with a company that specialized in Medicare Advantage plans. These two companies provided the foundation of what is now Silver Roads Insurance in Vail, Arizona where she resides with her family since 2012.


With licenses in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee and Washington states, she is able to help with Medicare Advantage (Part C or Replacement plans), Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans, and Prescription Drug plans to assist her clients and families who might live elsewhere.

She has also added several additional services like dental, hospital indemnity, cancer and life insurance to her portfolio.


Candy has a solid knowledge of Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans for Medicare beneficiaries.

Often, she assists her clients who get services from state Medicaid programs or Extra Help (Low Income Subsidy) to choose plans that can coordinate with their Medicare benefits (Dual-Coordination) plans. She also works and is knowledgeable about Chronic Condition and Institutional plans.


Silver Roads Medicare's logo has a dragonfly; Candy said that it reminds her of a quote that it means "Wisdom in Maturity", although she personally interprets it as a symbol of beautiful changes and freedom. She believes that having access to benefits that are meaningful to your life, in your way, can make all the difference. That’s why Candy works individually with her clients to educate and empower them to make the best decision for themselves.


Lastly, Candy’s favorite quote is “Do the Right Thing for the Right Reasons”. She applies that to her business; her advice to clients is not to make a plan change unless it will improve their situation. That takes a willingness to review both a person’s current plan as well as a proposed plan so that a client can make an informed decision, which is part of her overall process of examining a client’s needs, wants, providers, prescriptions and services that go into it.


Candy works in association with Bishop & Brown in Tucson, Arizona.


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